Managers: The Bar Has Been Raised

“I care about being a good manager. But I’m just too busy with my real job to deal with everyone’s needs.” 

If that sentence resonates with you, I have bad news…

The bar for what is expected of managers in 2021 and going forward has officially been raised.  In previous years we lauded “leaders”; developing acceleration and visibility-enhancing programs for people who already held positional authority. Management was viewed as less glamorous. Nowand thankfully soeffective and inclusive managerial practices and expectations are being centered. Now, likely more than ever, managers of people are being spotlighted for the unique and incredibly important role you play in so many aspects of your organization’s systems and practices. YOU are the glue, the enabler, the doer, and the first and most consistent point of contact for almost every aspect of your organization. 

Take just one of the many roles that you have as a manager of peopleadvancement and retention of employees. Within just that specific focus you are/should be: 

  1. Reviewing and revising position descriptions
  2. Using an equity lens to drive bias out of advancement processes
  3. Establishing and nurturing shared space between you and your employees that encourages multidirectional feedback
  4. Actively investing in your own, and your employee's, ongoing growth and skill development, and
  5. Consistently practicing intentional daily acts that build trust, encourage risk-taking, and lead to higher levels of productivity, creativity, and retention. 

As a manager of people, you convey inclusive values and enable equity in everyday workstreams and communication. You directly touch almost every aspect of an employee's experience within your organization: hiring, onboarding, training, engagement, coaching, advancement, and retention.

DJA Inclusive Employee Lifecycle

Not doing any of the above is NOT an option; not in 2021 nor in any future of which I can conceive. Yep, you have a high bar. 

Considering all that you are responsible for, in the service of others, I encourage you to also make time to prioritize yourself. Your effectiveness is dependent upon your own emotional, psychological, and physical wellbeing, as well as an ongoing willingness to develop, sharpen, and practice inclusive skills. If, along the way, you ever need support, please consider DJA as a trusted partner in your journey.  We love managers and consider you the key to unleashing the full and most inclusive potential in your organization. 

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