6 Ways to Reduce Bias on Your Team

By Paula R Jenkins and DeEtta Jones 

The trials of the past several years have allowed for learning and growth, yet they have also, highlighted places where long-lived bias exists. Though bias is heavily discussed–seemingly everywhere and constantly–a lot of misconceptions continue to exist. A Psychology Today article defines bias as "a tendency, inclination, or prejudice toward or against something or someone." Bias results from our powerful brains’ ability to quickly scan incoming information, selecting what seems most relevant for us in a particular context, at a given time, and factoring in other previous experiences. Our brain then, just as quickly, filters out less relevant information or doesn’t align with our previously held notions about what is important, accurate, or safe. Consequently, bias isn’t always negative and doesn't always lead to disparity in the workplace or relationships. 

As a parent, for example, it is...

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A Life Well Lived

"Anywhere where the humanity of people is undermined, anywhere where people are left in the dust, there we will find our cause." 

Desmond Tutu died earlier this week. He was 90 years old. As I look at my office bookshelf, I see his books and think, how did this religious leader who lives on the other side of the planet find his way into my life? How did this man, living under such an oppressive regime, break through the systems of apartheid? How was he able to rise to his position of leadership as the first Black archbishop within the Anglican faith? How has he, despite the conservatism associated with his faith and geography, become such an ally for the LGBTQA++ communities

Desmond Tutu has had such a profound impact on me, an outsized impact that goes beyond books and translates into my life. 

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