Flowers For Us- Understanding Women's History Month


As much as I believe and have even written about pushing away from this sort-of check-the-box approach to EDI work, which generally looks like adding more diverse dates and celebrations to the calendar- I love International Women's Month. This year, the joy and gratitude come with a larger perspective of what Women's History Month means in a more contemporary context.

Women's History Month celebrates the contributions of women in a world that continuously and historically chooses to exclude, undermine, and overlook us. As women, we have endured some of the worst conditions, experiences, and abuses, continuing to march forward with our heads held high. With the weight of generations of women before us, our families, and our futures planted onto the soft grooves of our shoulders, none of the women I know slouch beneath this heavy understanding. I truly admire so many generations of women that stood for what they believed, backs straight and tall ready to face whatever the world had to...

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