So that just happened... I experienced/ witnessed/ committed a microaggression. Now what?

Microaggressions and How to Manage Them When They Occur


Microaggressions - a term that can send an electric shockwave of contention through any environment. As one of the top hot-button topics over the last few years, just the mere mention brings people to immediate attention, combat-ready. Though for this combat, both parties play a different defensiveness. One person is accusing another of committing a microaggression, though they wouldn’t be in an offensive attacking posture because they are essentially speaking up for themselves - defending themselves.

Then in the other corner, the person being accused becomes defensive of the accusation because, with microaggressions, they’re defined by them being unintentional or done unknowingly. 

What typically results is an automatic fight with everyone pointing fingers at each other. But if we sincerely want to resolve workplace conflict and foster an environment of understanding, communication, and safety, we must...

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We Are Way Past Holidays

I love holidays and celebrations as much as the next person. Any time for happiness, joy, togetherness, food, and activities are times that should be treasured and valued; they are the times that feed our spirits. But the only holiday that I dislike deeply is Groundhog Day.

 It's not necessarily the day itself but the concept of Groundhog Day as made fmous by the '90's movie In the film, the protagonist, the hilarious Bill Murry finds himself trapped in a time loop, reliving the same day over and over. And when I reflect on many of the "steps towards progress" made over the last couple of years, I can't help but think that I'm trapped in my own Groundhog Day story. 


When it comes to furthering practices around anti-racism, oppression, diversity, equity, and inclusivity, I keep having the same conversations to no avail, to no understanding, and little resolution. 


Last June of 2021, President Biden signed a bill to recognize Juneteenth as a federal...

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