DEI in Action

DEI in Action – The 3-Step Process of Moving From Conceptual Understanding to Integrated Practical Application

  "I've spent the last few years learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion, my staff is on board, but I just don't know what to do now?"

This is a common predicament for organizational leaders who, although they are ready to make a positive impact and be a part of societal progress, just don't know how to take their understanding of DEI to the next level – into action. I understand the confusion because we have all the want, excitement, passion, and willingness; we've learned about the concepts and ideas, but we don't know how to convert that into actual tangible, substantial outcomes.


The solution is a simple 3-step approach:

Use this as your starting point and outline because not knowing where to begin is guaranteed to sabotage your DEI success. If you can only "talk "about diversity and being inclusive and lead discussions with your...

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