Rise To The Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Challenge Locally And Globally

By Melissa Lamson & Jennie Walker

Are you a global leader? In the increasingly globalized business environment, employees across organizations often work with teams of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and locations - a recent survey revealed that 89% of employees say they work “at least occasionally” on global teams. The concept and practice of leadership itself has also evolved, transcending hierarchy and role in many organizations to promote accountability, collaboration, and innovation at all levels. So, whether you’re working for a local or international company, as an executive or employee, you’re likely a global leader.
Research continues to find that working with diverse groups requires a global mindset – the agility to quickly recognize different beliefs, values, and approaches across cultures and to adapt behaviors accordingly. For example, when I (Melissa) travel to Singapore, I know I need to adjust my sense of time (not...

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