How To Manage Diversity in Remote Teams

Like so many managers in today's new global environment, you've been tasked with the responsibility of leading a team of employeesmany of whom report to you from multiple locations. Congratulations! You're a manager and you have one of the toughest jobs in the company…

Even with it being the new norm, leading a remote team is still challenging, maybe even more so. Research at Deloitte found that virtual distance can lower your team member’s trust by 83%, ability to innovate by 93%, and engagement by 80%.

As a manager, you're expected to maintain morale, keep communication open, overcome technological glitches, keep your workers on task, meet project deadlines, and manage diversity.

Let's talk about managing diversity 

With increased revenues by almost 20%, the good news is diverse teams financially out-perform more homogeneous organizations. We tend to think, communicate, and make decisions based on our backgrounds. And, when everyone on a...

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