How do I get more power? Let's talk about it...

Probably one of the most common questions I hear from established and aspiring leaders and those eager to make big impacts is “how do I get more power?”. Now, this may seem like the kind of question that will earn more than a side-eye or skeptical look, but I’ve learned this question doesn’t come from a diabolical power hungry intent, but of an intention most of us have; to have more power to enact change or make a difference through the roles we serve. 

Power to not only enact change in their organizations and roles, but more autonomy in their work that's driven by passion. 

With the millennial and Gen Z generation are now rapidly entering the workforce, this question brings a different kind of consideration.

They are less committed to models of work-life that are stagnant and inflexible, pursue power, movement, and expression at much higher rates - and quicker. Gallup reports have shown that this generation is the least engaged, quicker...

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