Enabling Equity: Strategies and Structures that Drive Transformation

Once we have a plan for building our own inclusive practices as individual managers and leaders, the next step is to look to our broader organizations. How can we build true EDI transformation that will affect all aspects of our work together?

This course will guide you through analyzing your broader organizational culture, identifying points that need change, and finding the path to get from here to there. You will work through the details of strategy, structure, and culture, learn how each aligns with the others, and find the tools you need to lead organizational transformation.

Here we have assembled our best thinking and tools in the specific areas of strategy, structures, and culture. If you are part of a cohort of colleagues looking to design your next steps for an inclusive organization, this is the course for you.

Who is the program for?

Enabling Equity: Strategy and Structures that Drive Transformation is perfect for senior leaders, middle managers, committee chairs and members, HR and learning and development specialists. Anyone with direct responsibility and/ability to help shape the organization’s EDI work will benefit from this course. Optimally, teams of people, representing a cross-set of functions, will complete this course together, enabling the creation of a customized and immediately actionable EDI plan.

Participants in this course will be able to:

Describe the theory of Situated Organizational Development: a method for charting our course in context of our culture

Learn how to build strategy around EDI, identify goals, and apply an equity lens to your core roles

Analyze current structures and apply tools that surface and mitigate negative bias and nurture the desired practices

Develop shared values, stories, and capacity around organizational culture

Create a plan for leading change, communicating with your colleagues, driving and assessing your organization’s EDI work over time

November 15 - December 17, 2021

$649 per person


Group pricing to groups of participants from the same organization. Contact us to help us better understand your needs for group pricing.

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