October Message From DeEtta

At the end of this week, I celebrate my 50th birthday...It's hard to believe. With this milestone birthday I've been doing all of the stereotypical things people do: doubled-down on my healthy food and exercise routines, made commitments about downsizing and de-prioritizing things that aren't a reflection of my most deeply held values, planned celebratory time with my closest friends and family. 
Perhaps more than anything, though, I've been thinking about my life's work. I've always been obsessed with fairness and inclusion. As a college student, I led and participated in countless marches and demonstrations. In my early 20's, I was appointed as Director of Human Rights, placing me in a visible and active leadership role in my community. I spent my early career traveling the world delivering speeches and workshops, always nervous about failing but investing in so much preparation that failure was never an option. 
In my mid-30's, I ventured out and launched...
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